Technical Details

liq8 Assics Tank


Cooling Capacity: 35KW/Tank Up to 65kW/Tank
Tank Size: X: 1573 mm, Y: 795 mm, Z: 715 mm
LIQ8 Volume: 320 lt





GPU Tank

Cooling Capacity: 20KW/Tank Up to 35kW/Tank
Tank Size: X: 2100 mm, Y: 904 mm, Z: 1140 mm
LIQ8 Volume: 420 lt


liq8 Assics Tank



You don’t need to look for cold geographical locations

You Can Open mining Farm in
Hottest Desert Climate

You can save up to 60% ofdatacentre’s footprint

Save energy, lower cost, earn more

Because your machines are cool enough, you can run them at the highest performance, and you can build up to 60% more production

ROI of the LIQ8 solution is less than 1 year

An environmentally friendly product, no parts that harm the environment or endanger human health have been used

Your products last forever in LIQ8 liquid which has been specifically designed for Crypto mining

Amstel Science Patented Nano technology in All Cooling Tanks which are already prewired


Features and Benefits

Tradional Air
Cooling System

Cooling System

Indoor units and fans generate >80db noise Less than 20 DB
Hazardous particles can get into the system from the air. Sealed and clean environment
Huge air conditioning interior unit Embedded in design
Uneven air circulation Coolant evenly pumped through the TANK
Extra Air, Fans and Room Climate No climate control needed
Miner requires fans 20% less server power consumption by removing the fans
Requires raised flooring No need to invest in raised floor
Electrical cabling and Power Generator sizing Allows to reduce both by 40%
“Hot spots” across the server room No hotspots
Issues to remove 15 kW heat per rack Up to 60 KW to Rack
The ambient temperature is best 32-40 degrees Celsius The ambient temperature is best 8-18 degrees Celsius
Can not work in warm desert climates The result does not change even in desert climates, it works on 8-18 celsius values
Overclocking not even possible Up to 60% more production, through overclocking possibility
Large installation costs Up to 35% less implementation costs vs air(Exclusive Design Tank)
It always carries the risk of fire through electrical contact risk. Thanks to patented nano technology, it lasts at least 6 hours against 12000 KW fire fever.



Electricity consumed by air cooled datacenters
Electricity consumed using LIQ8




How It Works

The LIQ8 Immersion Cooling System consists of:

  • the bath which has 16U horizontal rack space  

  • the CDU (Coolant Distribution Unit) a monitoring module of the system,

  • optional frame rack designed specifically for the immersion baths.

The rack can stack two baths vertically, saving floor space needed

 • Abnormal conditions are monitored by the monitoring module in the CDU and alerted via network.






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